Who is much Stronger Character: Sasuke or Naruto?

Whether you read it from the top or bottom, this will be the longest answers I have ever written, so please do share because this will declare who truly is the StrongestNaruto Or Sasuke + I’m sick and tired of everyone giving hate to Naruto and especially Sasuke (Depends On Who You Guys Like And Choose To Hate).

But first, let’s start with screenshots of (Sage Of Six Path) Naruto Vs (Rinnegan) Sasuke.

Note: There was no Susanoo or Half Kurama, it was just Sasuke and Naruto.

Sasuke was perfectly avoiding Naruto’s hits. (4+)

And because of Sasuke’s unmatchable combat style, he was able to do this. (3+)

“Between his increased speed and taijutsu prowess, it becomes very difficult for his opponents to find enough time to perform even a single hand seal” and as you can see Naruto was unable perform the Shadow Clones techniques, and not just once but 3 times as he tries. (5+)

Sasuke avoids Naruto’s Rasengan. (4+)

And pulls Naruto and his clones using Deva Path followed by Inferno Style: Honoikazuchi. (2+)

Naruto formed into his Sage Of Six Paths Mode and throws his chakra arms at Sasuke, but Sasuke avoids them too and hits a Fire Ball, but Naruto was able to hold it. (3+)

Naruto used his time to hold that Fire Ball, which gave Sasuke just enough time to use his Rinnegan ability and strike with a right (Chidori) Swing. (4+)

Sasuke throws (Susanoo) Arrows, but Naruto uses his Truth Seeker Orbs to stop those arrows, moments later Sasuke awakens his (Perfect Form) Susanoo. (2+)

Now a fight between Susanoo And The Nine-Tails.

Sasuke uses Fire Balls, but Naruto dodges them and lands a full impact drop on Sasuke. (3+)

Naruto defense play wasn’t really good”. (0+) he really needs to work on that, and one more thing “Naruto always trying not to kill anyone well guess what, someday that’s gonna cost him big time in Boruto Series.” and It’s a good thing Sasuke is not soft like Naruto. (1+)

And within just blink of an eye, Sasuke immediately strikes Kirin from the sky. (3+)

And it’s costing Naruto right now. (0+)

What a Heart, but Sasuke didn’t care and i’m keeping emotional moments aside.

Naruto said: “You’re trying to be alone again and i can’t let that happen..Especially since we both know what it feels like”

Nothing big happen in this Tailed Beast Bomb And Chidori Clash.

Sasuke uses all of The Tailed Beast energy on his SusanooNine-Tails To Naruto “There is no Gedo Statue here, so he’s making Susanoo the receiving vessel”. Later Naruto tries to strike the (Ultimate Form) Susanoo, but fails as his strike didn’t put a scratch on the Susanoo. (4+)

Battle took place above clouds and Sasuke was dominating (5+) until…..

Naruto was buying some time while Nine-Tail’s clone was building up Nature energy (3+) and this so-called Half Nine-Tails was eventually able to do what his Full would, and all he needed was Chakra. And Naruto fans were making so much fuss about this trash, this Half Kurama or Half Nine-Tails. I would understand this if something was missing in Kurama but nope, his name was Half Kurama but don’t worry he’s capable of doing Full Kurama things. Wow mind blown!!!

Even Nine-Tails confirmed it. It was just about chakra…..Naruto needed chakra to throw something huge at Sasuke’s Indra’s Arrow, so when Naruto finally did throws something powerful, both Naruto and Sasuke fell at the same time. Topic closed

Both were exhausted but we all know that the battle ends when the real Chidori Clashes Rasengan.

Sasuke uses Amaterasu, but in time Naruto blocks it. Sasuke was going to take more energy from the (Trapped) Tailed Beasts but he couldn’t and says “I’ve used too much chakra….cacan’t maintain control. (2+)

Naruto starts with a kick followed by 3 more from his clones, which angers Sasuke as he looks Naruto quickly and strikes with an elbow. (2+) (3+)

Sasuke quickly removes his arm bracelets and summons 3 shurikens to hit Naruto’s clones, after that he goes for Chidori to eliminate those 3 clones but one of them caught’s Sasuke arm to give the real Naruto an opening to strike once again. (2+)

Fact – Sasuke throwing speed is faster than most, but it doesn’t compare to Itachi, prompting him to devise the Lightning Flash Blade Creation: by sealing shuriken and kunai into his arm bracelets, Sasuke can always have a large supply ready, allowing him to barrage targets in an instant.

Later Naruto goes for Rasengan but eventually falls on to the ground and receives a powerful kick from Sasuke which turned Naruto upside down. (1+)

Sasuke lands 10 heavy punches directly to Naruto’s face (3+) and I’ve counted. Naruto hits a headbutt and kick. (2+)

Naruto hits 12 (4+) and Sasuke hits 17 (6+)

Sasuke uses his Rinnegan ability to take the chakra which, Nine-Tails build and end Naruto with the Chidori, but surprisingly Naruto was able to dodge Chidori and counter with an uppercut. (3+)

The Two Brothers & Father and Son

I Like Them Both. But Sasuke comes first

Sasuke’s Total = 49+

Naruto’s Total = 26+

Oh yes, these points (0+) you were seeing earlier, they mean how much Naruto and Sasuke used their abilities, jutsus, counter attacks, intelligence, well think it this way…..How good was the battle and who was dominating in the battle? Or like Battle Ratings.

How Strong Is Naruto?

Naruto was an inept student in the Academy, failing to graduate three times before becoming a shinobi. Through sheer determination, however, his skills rapidly improved by defeating strong shinobi such as Neji Hyuga, Gaara, Kabuto Yakushi and Raiga Kurosuki earning acknowledgment from the Sannin for his potential. Under Jiraiya‘s tutelage for two-and-a-half years and his training at Mount Myoboku, Naruto became strong enough to fight and defeat members of Akatsuki, which ultimately earned him praise from the Konoha villagers as a hero of Hokage-material. Although the Fourth Shinobi World War was initially meant for his protection at most of the Kages’ behest, Naruto‘s eventual and required participation led to the defeat of many of the reincarnated Kage and Tailed Beast

He also could defeat opponents who threatened the fate of the shinobi world, such as Sasuke (Let’s not say he was defeated….he kinda said that he lost. The only right way to put this, is just say Naruto stopped Sasuke, not defeated him),

Uchiha Obito, Uchiha Madara, Otsutsuki Kaguya, and Otsutsuki Toneri. Others believed Naruto had surpassed the previous Hokage and was the central force in winning the war. In fact, by adulthood, his prowess earned him the position as the Seventh Hokage, achieving his long-time goal, and regarded as the strongest shinobi in History, with Sasuke being the only one capable of matching him.

As an Uzumaki, and a reincarnation of Otsutsuki Asura,

Naruto has massive reserves of strong chakra, estimated as being at least four times greater than Kakashi,

He initially struggled with controlling his chakra properly, which was offset by his large reserves.

Naruto’s reserves were so large, he could fight for three and a half days of constant battle against several powerful opponents, only getting exhausted by the end of his battle with his rival Uchiha SasukeNaruto’s control improved greatly over time he could transfer his chakra to others, and perform one-handed hand seals.

He later received chakra from all of the other Tailed Beasts, and Otsutsuki Hagoromo, which increased his reserves even further. Naruto’s powerful life force grants him an extreme longevity, healing power, stamina, and vitality,

and this allowed him to survive the extraction of a Tailed Beast for a while. These traits are all augmented after he receives a prosthetic forearm made from Hashirama‘s cells.

While naturally a short-range fighter, Naruto wasn’t very adept at Taijutsu. as he used unpredictable attacks to surprise combat experts like Inzuka Kiba and Hyuga Neji. He often utilized shadow clones or Kurama‘s chakra to engage and overwhelm his enemies in combat, he created techniques such as the Uzumaki Naruto Combo

The Uzumaki Naruto Combo is a taijutsu attack used by Uzumaki Naruto in his Sage Of Six Paths Mode and is the strongest Taijutsu in his arsenal. After using his Multiple Shadow Clone Technique on KaguyaNaruto creates an army of clones to assault his opponent, overwhelming them by attacking all sides while yelling “UZUMAKi“. The rest of the clones then follow up with a direct attack to finish the combo.

these tactics resume in his (Teenager) life. Naruto becomes more adept at taijutsu due to Jiraiya’s training.

After his tutelage under Fukasaku, he was capable of fending off a pair of skilled Kenjutsu users on his own. Two years after the war, Naruto‘s Taijutsu improved to such an extent, that he could defeat dozens like (6 or 7) of opponents without using shadow clones

Naruto also learned how to counter Genjutsu from Jiraiya, but had limited skill and not very good at using it. When Kurama, became his tailed beast partner, this would no longer be an issue. in other words (If Naruto couldn’t get himself out of the GenjutsuKurama will help).

Following the loss of Naruto‘s right arm during his final battle with SasukeTsunade cultured an artificial prosthesis for him using the cells of Senju Hashirama. Though he has yet to display any special abilities or traits utilizing the artificial arm’s unique cellular composition, it seems that he can easily remove and replace his arm, similar to the White Zetsu transplants used by Uchiha Madara and Uchiha Obito.

Another Example

After the defeat of Otsutsuki Momoshiki and Otsutsuki Kinski, it was shown in the MangaNaruto took inspiration from Momoshiki‘s chakra absorption techniques and had Tono Katasuke and the Scientific Ninja Weapons Team develop a new prototype mechanical prosthesis for him. This artificial limb possesses the ability to both absorb and neutralize an opponent’s Jutsus, though they have yet to replicate Momoshiki‘s ability to discharge them as a counterattack. Like his biological prosthesis, it seems he can easily remove and replace it.

As the jinchūriki of Kurama‘s Yang half, Naruto had access to a massive chakra reserve, which was at least a hundredfold greater than Kakashi. Due to his Uzumaki lineage, and being Kurama‘s jinchūriki his entire life, Naruto‘s chakra had more effectively mixed with Kurama,

which allowed him to perform several chakra-taxing techniques. While accessing Kurama‘s chakra, typically through sheer rage, enhanced Naruto‘s abilities, the Nine-Tails‘s negative influence made Naruto more aggressive. This gave him uncontrolled access to the Version 1 and Version 2 forms, and he would need Kurama‘s power to be suppressed through various methods to regain control. These drawbacks caused Naruto to rely on his own strength instead of Kurama‘s until he proved capable of controlling it completely. By the time he became the jinchūriki of Kurama‘s Yin half, he could access his Version 1 form without the initial drawbacks.

Realizing he could not avoid using Kurama‘s power, Naruto sought to learn how to control it with help from Killer B, the jinchūriki of Eight-Tails, and unexpectedly, his own mother, Kushina. Upon succeeding and taking most of Kurama‘s chakra, Naruto attained Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, which greatly increased his physical parameters. As he didn’t yet have Kurama‘s cooperation, Naruto needed to exercise extreme caution while using the form, as the chakra exchange could cost him his life. Eventually, when Kurama acknowledged Naruto‘s life-long strength of character and Naruto learned the Nine-Tails true name, their new-found friendship granted Naruto access to Kurama Chakra Mode, which further increased his physical parameters. Two years later, he could isolate the form to one hand, either to enhance his strength or to block attacks.

Failing to transform into a replica of Kurama at first, Naruto soon achieved a Kurama Chakra Mode (With Cloak) in the unique form of a transparent chakra shroud. In it, he could create Tailed Beast Bomb and revitalize the life forces of any who entered the shroud and heal severe burns or have them temporarily don Kurama- Chakra Cloak.

After he became the jinchūriki of Kurama‘s complete self, Naruto was capable of manifesting the Nine-Tails outside himself for a period akin to summoning, allowing both to fight as separate entities. Naruto had also received chakra from the other tailed beasts during the Fourth Shinobi World War,

which made him a human pillar for the Power Of Ten-Tails

This allowed him to access their unique abilities himself, or infuse them into his Rasengan and its variants. With an infusion of all nine different tailed beasts’ respective chakra inside of him, Naruto has become a (Medium) to connect all The Tailed Beasts to communicate with each other.

In the Academy, the Sexy Technique was the only technique that Naruto could perform successfully, which had no practical use other than to shock his instructors. During his shinobi career, he learned new Ninjutsus from Jiraiya, able to Summoning Toads from Mount Myoboku to assist him in battle. He became skilled in Shurikenjutsu able to throw weapons quickly and with precision, Barrage an enemy using shadow clones,

or as Hokage, cross blades with Otsutsuki Momoshiki.

Naruto repertoire expanded to Fiunjutsu upon receiving Gerotora near the start of the Fourth Shinobi World War.

Fuinjutsu is a type of jutsu that seals objects, living beings, chakra, along with a variety of other things within another object. Fuinjutsu can also be used to restrict movement unseal objects either from within something or someone. The presence of a seal marked by the appearance of formations of techniques formulate, Kanji, or else other kinds of symbols (likewise with Summoning techniques).

Naruto‘s skill with the Shadow Clone Technique blossomed to great heights. As a ninja with unusually high chakra reserves, Naruto could use this technique, as well as its advanced version, to create hundreds of shadow clones and retain a decent amount of chakra in each one with relative ease.

He could use them to outnumber or deceive his enemies in combat, maneuvers himself in mid-air, transform into weapons, scout an area, or test an opponent’s abilities.

By the time he became HokageNaruto‘s usage of this technique on mass-scale and prolonged-periods allowed him to constantly perform various simultaneous tasks throughout the village daily, although he does have a tendency to overexert himself, leaving him exhausted afterward.

Naruto‘s improved skill allows him to produce larger versions of the Rasengan, and perform it faster,

and even have his shadow clones make their own Rasengan. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, he learned to use the Rasengan and its variants without the aid of any shadow clones or transformations, and could even form one in both hands simultaneously.

He also increased the size of his standard Rasengan, making it noticeably larger.

Naruto‘s natural affinity is Wind Release, which he learned from Asuma Sarutobi to flow into his weapons to increase their offensive might.

Using shadow clones, he was able to complete the difficult task of adding his elemental nature to the Rasengan, something his father had not been able to complete before his death. One shadow clone helped form the Rasengan, while the other provided the Wind chakra, which produced the Wind Release: Rasengan and the Wind Release: Rasenshuriken. The latter, when he used as a melee attack, inflicts cellular damage on both the enemy and Naruto. Two years after its creation, he became skilled enough to form a Rasenshuriken without any shadow clones and throw it in his base form,

a feat which he previously could only accomplish while using Sage Mode or Kurama‘s chakra, which removed the negative side-effect to himself. He also created different-sized variations, and could even use Two RasenShurikensimultaneously.

Via Six Paths SenjutsuNaruto can utilize all five nature transformations, as well as Yin-Yang Release.

He could make perfect use of the latter to revitalize life-forces, heal whomever he touches, and restore missing organs.

With chakra from the Tailed BeastNaruto could also use the Kekkei Genkai of Shukaku’s (One-TailMagnet ReleaseSon Goku’s (Four-Tails) Lava Release, and Kokuo’s (Five-TailsBoil Release. While mainly relying on Wind Releases a genin, as HokageNaruto expanded his fighting style to include Earth Release, which he utilizes in the form of sturdy Earth Walls.

Naruto was trained in senjutsu at Mount Myoboku, requiring his high chakra reserves. Unlike Jiraiya, he was able to perfectly balance Natural Energy with his chakra, and enter Sage Mode, symbolized by the orange pigmentation around his eyes. Using Sage Mode made Naruto‘s techniques stronger, enhanced his physical parameters,

and allowed him to utilize the FrogKata’s Taijutsu style.

Since Fukasaku was unable to fuse with Naruto and gather Natural Energy for him (due to Kurama‘s interference), Naruto had to employ shadow clones instead to maintain the technique. Once they disperse, the Natural Energy they absorb would transfer to the original, allowing him to use Sage Mode for a number of times. However, creating more than five shadow clones overall would disrupt the focus of the clones gathering Natural Energy. The need for this method diminishes over time as Naruto became capable of entering Sage Mode much faster.

Naruto learned how to combine Natural Energy with Kurama‘s chakra to further enhance his abilities, such that he could resist Nagato’s control and shatter Truth Seeking Orbs.

With the power given to him by HagoromoNaruto gained access to the Six Paths Sage Mode In this mode, his eyes become yellow and his pupils take on a cross-like shape — without manifesting the orange pigmentation around his eyes present in Sage ModeNaruto could also don a new chakra cloak, similar to Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, which he could access instantly and maintain much longer than Sage Mode.

Naruto‘s Sage Of Six Paths cloak changed several times throughout his later years.

Naruto‘s physical attributes and techniques are further augmented, to the point where he could dodge attacks at the speed of light. The mode granted him flight and immunity from Truth Seeking Orbs.

Naruto also manifested Nine Truth Seeking Orbs, composed of all Five Basic NaturesYin-Yang Release, and Sage Of Six Paths Chakra. He could mold the balls into stave and platforms, fire them as projectiles, convert them into Tailed Beast Bomb to create Tailed Beast Bomb Rasenshuriken, or transfer them to his shadow clones. Naruto also retained use of his Tailed Beast Modeavatar of Kurama, which rivaled Sasuke‘s (Perfect Form) Susanoo in size and power.

Using shadow clones, he could create and combine three Kurama avatars into a single construct with three faces and six arms, similar to Asura’s. This state allowed Naruto to infuse Two Massive Rasenshuriken with Natural Energy.

Naruto‘s most famous mental skill lies in his ability to deceive his opponents, as he made effective use of the Transformation Techniques to trick the Deadliest of opponents. He could formulate multi-step plans or backup plans in the thick of battle, and act quickly even when given new information.

His strategies typically involve shadow clones. He could direct his opponent’s attention towards one of his clones to disguise his own movements, transform his clones into objects or other individuals for surprise attacks, and could seemingly make himself predictable by creating a pattern, only to throw off his opponent by breaking it. He has even thrown in what others would call Random Completely Useless Supplementary Techniques at powerful opponents and successfully created a decent opening for a counterattack.

Naruto is rather observant, able to notice details others may overlook and subsequently take advantage of them to overcome his opponents.

(Uzumaki Naruto’s Stats) Total 26

Ninjutsu = 4

Taijutsu = 3.5

Genjutsu = 2

Intelligence = 3

Strength = 3.5

Speed = 3.5

Stamina = 5

Hand Seals = 1.5

How Strong Is Sasuke?

Graduating at the top of his class in the Academy. He makes a strong impression on Hatake Kakashi in the Bell Test and fights on par with strong shinobi such as Haku and Gaara

Powerful individuals have noted Sasuke‘s great potential: Orochimaru offers to help drastically increase his power.

Uchiha Madara notes he would have liked to recruit Sasuke, had he only been born a few years earlier.

Under Orochimaru‘s tutelage for two-and-a-half years, Sasuke grows strong enough to fight members of Akatsuki, such as Deidara and ItachiTwo Of The Five Kages, and defeated Shimura Danzo, one of Konoha‘s strongest ninja. With the Six Paths Chakra, he could help overwhelm Madara as the Ten-Tail’s Jinchuriki and Kurama compared Sasuke‘s prowess to that of the Sage Of Six Paths.

As an adult, despite losing his left arm, he could defeat all the Kekkei Genkai shinobi of the Coliseum without using his Sharingan.

and years later he could fight on par with Otsutsuki Kinski. As such, he is regarded as a legendary shinobi and one of the most powerful alive, with Naruto being the only individual capable of defeating Sasuke in battle.

Naruto views; Sasuke as the strongest shinobi and capable of taking on anyone.

His chakra is quite strong, in part due to being the reincarnation of Otsutsuki Indra. His reserves are also quite large, enough to use Chidori twice a day, without aid. Sasuke is able to use Chidori and related techniques multiple times in a single day, as well as summon creatures as large as Manda. His chakra control is nevertheless (Very High).

he could effectively perform hand seals between his own and an enemy’s hand.

In adulthood, after losing one of his arms, he learned to use one-handed hand seals.

Sasuke is not an actual sensor himself, therefore unable to detect or track targets by their chakra, during his final battle against Naruto, he sensed Naruto‘s build-up of chakra and Natural Energy from Kurama.

Also, in sharing half of Hagoromo‘s power with Naruto, he is also able to sense Naruto‘s chakra from a different Dimension.

However, Sasuke has not shown the ability to sense anyone else’s chakra as he can with Naruto.

Sasuke is very capable in Taijutsu, enough to hold multiple opponents at once, in hand-to-hand combat. His most consistent physical display is his speed and by extension his reaction time: Haku remarks on how impressive Sasuke is in both regards during their battle. After re-awakening his SharinganSasukeconcentrates on honing his speed and reflexes so that he can react to the Sharingan‘s heightened visual information,

His speed is even shown able to match, various other fast techniques like Gaara’s Shield Of Sand or Lightning Release Chakra Mode respectively, and enough to physically incapacitate opponents before they realize he’s even approached them

Between his increased speed and taijutsu prowess, it becomes very difficult for his opponents to find enough time to perform even a single hand seal.

Orochimaru is known to have experimented on Sasuke, enough to make him immune to poisons.

Sasuke can also summon a second animal species: Hawks. His use of Hawks is more limited than Snakes, using them only for flight and the additional maneuverability that allows.

Sasuke is able to use the Shadow clones techniques, and easily produce eight clones at once.

His area of expertise is in Shurikenjutsu, allowing him to throw shuriken, Susanoo arrows and kunai with precision; for complicated or moving targets, Though his throwing speed is currently faster than most, it doesn’t compare to Itachi.

By adulthood, Sasuke becomes skilled enough to instantly switch between wielding his sword backhanded with a blink of an eye

Can use all five basic Nature Transformation as well as Yin Release. His Fire Release-prowess is strong enough to easily disperse most Water Release technique.

Sasuke‘s Sharingan, as Orochimaru noted that despite not being fully developed at the time, it was even stronger and greater in clarity than Itachi‘s, With the SharinganSasuke can see the flow of chakra, accurately reproduce any movement he sees like (copying hand signs) (his own physical skill permitting), track fast-moving objects, He can also use Genjutsu for broad purposes such as distraction, interrogation, knocking targets out, or placing them under his control. He can use his Sharingan to relay information to others or enter their subconscious, which in the case of jinchuriki allows him to suppress their Tailed Beats.

After gaining Eternal Mangekyo SharinganSasuke was able to repeatedly use its powers against KabutoObitoMadara, and Kaguya with no signs of exhaustion.

With his left MangekyoSasuke can use Amaterasu, igniting whatever he looks at with black flames that can burn anything.

With his right Mangekyo, he can use Kagutsuchi to shape the flames into a variety of forms for offensive or defensive purposes. Ability to manipulate his Amaterasu makes him more skilled than Itachi in the way of using Mangekyo Sharingan.

After receiving half of Otsutsuki Hagoromo‘s chakra, Sasuke‘s left Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan made way for the Rinnegan and remained visible as six tomoe, three on each of the two innermost circles of the eye.

Sasuke‘s chakra reserves fall to a certain level, as the tomoe vanish along with the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan in his right eye and he is unable to use its techniques.

By adulthood, he keeps his Rinnegan active

Sasuke‘s Rinnegan grants him access to the Six Paths Techniques, though he’s only been seen briefly using the Preta Path to absorb chakra and the Deva Path to create Chibaku Tensei (or make use of the attractive force in the anime). He can use it to see invisible targets, repel the effects of the Infinite Tsukuyomi,

and turn his Susanoo into a vessel for the Tailed Beasts‘ chakra, much like the Demonic Statue Of Th Outer Path.

And 2 unique RinneganSpace-Time Ninjutsu and Amenotejikara

Upon receiving the Rinnegan, with its supreme ocular power, he is able to create the significantly larger Perfect Form Susanoo, comparable in power to Tailed Beast Chakra.

Sasuke’s Perfect Form Susanoo is comparable to this Naruto.

Like all SusanooSasuke‘s has several swords at its disposal that it can use against larger targets or to easily destroy nearby structures. More commonly, his Susanoo employs a bow that can fire arrows at rapid speeds and that can, when needed, double as a shield. Though most of these arrows are made of the same chakra as Susanoo itself, Sasuke can also fashion arrows made from Amaterasu‘s flames

Sasuke is very intelligent, having earned top grades in his Academy class. In combat, he usually remains on the offensive, rarely pausing in his attacks or falling back to regroup. Rather, Sasuke observes as he goes, being mindful of all factors on the battlefield and analyzing his opponents’ techniques to understand their mechanics and purposes. He is accordingly accustomed to coming up with tactics on the fly, choosing whatever approach, no matter how elaborate, will be most successful at the exact moment. His strategies could be considered irresponsible or risky, as he has on more than one occasion placed himself or allies in harm’s way. Despite this, his actions have the tendency to pay off, earning praise for his analytical skills from Namikaze Minato and Uchiha Madara.

(Uchiha Sasuke’s Stats) Total = 31.5

Ninjutsu = 5

Taijutsu = 3.5

Genjutsu = 4

Intelligence = 3.5

Strength = 3.5

Speed = 4.5

Stamina = 3.5

Hand Seals = 4

Naruto is stronger because of Kurama.

Naruto and Sasuke could be equally strong and both would be capable of defeating each other if only, Naruto didn’t have Nine-Tails and not only that, he’s also one of strongest Tails.

I really hate to say this….but yes Naruto can beat Sasuke. Their not equally strong or anything, it’s clear and it’s official. Naruto Wins.

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