Which Hokage do you like, and why, excluding Naruto?

Which Hokage do you like, and why, excluding Naruto?

For me, the best Hokage was Minato Namikaze.

Minato is not only the Best Hokage for me, I think he is the most complete and best Shinobi, not too overpowered, and not too weak either.

So, Minato Namikaze was extremely powerful Shinobi, who won the Third Great Shinobi War all by himself. He Killed over a thousand Shinobi in one Battle. He had a kill rate of Six Shinobi or so in one second. He saved several of his comrades and his Students several times. And, after all of his daily work, he still had time for his wife Kushina.

For me, Minato is the perfect individual in Naruto. Minato had the Intelligence and knowledge of Tobirama Senjuthe wisdom of Hiruzen Sarutobi, and Will of fire and principles of Hashirama Senju. In addition to this, he also had the unmatched foresight of the future, observation, and deductive skills. He was also funny as hell and a very laid-back and calm individual. In short, Minato was everything the first three Hokage were and then some more, not physically but mentally.

His skills as Shinobi were also very impressive. He was one of the best at Fūinjutsu, only matched by Uzumaki elders and the Head of the Clan. He had a good Chakra Reserve, being able to fight Obito [disguised as Tobi under the Mask], then teleport a Tailed Beast Bomb from the Nine-Tails and Nine-Tails and Himself afterwards, use the Reaper Death Seal to seal half of Nine-Tails within him, and finally seal the other half inside Naruto by adding his own and Kushina’s Chakra to the seal. His use of Rasengan and Flying Thunder God Jutsu made him extremely destructible Shinobi. And, if that wasn’t enough, he also had a perfect Toad Sage Transformation. I will not count the Kyubi Chakra mode because that was after being Summoned as a Reanimation.

Apart from the Shinobi life, Minato was a perfect Character in himself. Minato is what I think every person in the world dreams to be. Minato was someone who was one of the best at what he did [being a Ninja], and he loved what he did. He had a mentor who was more like his best friend and a father. He had a wife who loved him dearly and he loved her back. He also had taken some Students under his wings, among whom One was hard working and ambitious and another was a Prodigy. He was respected by his peers and feared by his enemies. And finally, he was going to be a Father.

So, as a Hokage, Minato was perfect.

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